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So You Want Your Wedding Published?

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So you want your wedding to get published, huh? Read on for some tips to increase your odds!

We’re gonna skip a fancy introduction statement and get straight to the nitty gritty on this one. While having your wedding published is a fun and exciting treat, it should NEVER be your end-all-be-all goal. If you approach wedding planning solely from the mindset of “what will get my wedding published”, you run the risk of losing focus of the actual purpose of the day. You’re also setting yourself up for disappointment if some component doesn’t turn out 100% like you envisioned it.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s talk a bit about publication.

There’s 4 things you should know about the wedding publication process:

  1. It’s extremely selective. There’s the frank truth that not every wedding will be published. In fact, only a small percentage of weddings do get featured. That’s not to say that every wedding doesn’t deserve to be published. But so much of publication comes down to finding the right fit at the right time, which sometimes just doesn’t happen. So if your wedding doesn’t get published, don’t take it personally!
  2. BUT there are lots of options. The good news is, there are LOTS of options out there. Read: Style Me Pretty is not the only wedding blog in the world 😉 There are tons of different blogs that cater to different wedding styles. So, while it may take some time for your photographer to find the right fit for your event, there’s more chances these days of eventually finding a spot.
  3. Timing is everything. I alluded to this above, but SO much of publication comes down to timing. Blogs exist for inspiration, which means they are always at least a season ahead. So if your wedding is very clearly designed around a specific season, you may not get featured (or at least not right away). For example, if you have a winter wedding full of snow and fur, it probably won’t even be considered til the following year. If your wedding is ‘season neutral’, this becomes less of an issue.
  4. Blogs live for details. If you look at the submission criteria of almost any blog, it’s likely to emphasize details. Blogs typically want more detail photos than portraits. You could have the most amazing portraits in existence, but if you don’t have lots and lots of details built into your day, it won’t really matter to the editors.

So, with those things in mind…

Here’s 4 things you should do to help increase the odds of your wedding being selected for publication:

  1. Talk to your photographer about timeline BEFORE setting the time of your wedding. If you set the ceremony and reception times without our input, we can’t guarantee that we’re going to have the right amount of time for each component of the photos. In addition, the times you select may interfere with the ideal portrait time. If you look at blogs like Style Me Pretty, the vast majority of those photos are taken at a very specific time of day, when light is the softest and most magical. The sun simply does not have the same soft quality at noon. We can certainly work with all types of light and make it beautiful, but you’ll probably be much happier with the final product if you have us outline ideal start times for you before you start printing invitations.
  2. Get off Pinterest. I’ve talked about this one before. In fact, I have a whole post on it that you should go read! Pinterest is what I call a ‘personality hijacker’. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a bunch of Pinterest-y things at your wedding that don’t make any sense given who you are and what you like to do. Your wedding will be much more attractive to publishers when it’s true to you as a couple. Additionally, blogs are looking for new, fresh ideas. Which you definitely WON’T get from Pinterest.
  3. Hire a planner. Let this be your replacement for Pinterest. Planners play a huge role in helping you create a wedding that blogs want to publish. Planners will get to know you, your style and personality, and help you create a wedding that reflects that in a unique way. Like I mentioned above, blogs exist to inspire. If your wedding is full of trends that have been posted all over Pinterest, it’s not likely to be featured. A planner will help you steer clear of those trends and create new ones.
  4. Stay “on brand”. Again, having a planner will really help with this one. Wedding blogs are looking for consistency and a clear style within a wedding. If your wedding is sprinkled with a hodge-podge of different trends and themes, it’s not likely to be picked up. After you’ve identified the style that represents you and your fiancé, every decision should be in keeping with that style. If you decide you want a rustic wedding, for example, run with that and make sure every decision, from florals to venue to your gown, reflect that theme.

    In that example: Opt for an outdoor set-up on a farm rather than a hotel ballroom. Pick a slim lace gown rather than a multi-layer ballgown. Choose wildflowers over white roses. Etc.

Final Thoughts

Ok, last thoughts. Don’t get your heart set on a specific blog. Focus first and foremost on creating a wedding that is reflective of your personalities and let that drive the blog selection in the end. That said, if there are ‘blog styles’ that you prefer (light and airy, filmy, moody, etc.) be sure that the decisions you make regarding photographers, locations, colors, etc. fit with that. If you are most attracted to the light and airy blogs, for example, choose locations that are light in color and full of natural light. You will not find many dark church ceremonies or receptions at dark wood lofts on those blogs. More to come on that topic later… 🙂

Happy Planning!


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